Head of Sales

01 About Me

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Team Leadership & Management

Enzo Solér's leadership prowess is at the forefront of his role as Head of Sales, where he catalyzed notable growth and forged strong teams to meet ambitious targets.

With a talent for galvanizing sales teams and a commitment to innovation, he consistently delivers results that speak volumes of his leadership calibre.

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Strategic Thinking

Demonstrating exceptional strategic insight, Enzo has masterminded pivotal growth initiatives and lead generation models, substantively contributing to FullStack Labs' exponential market expansion.

His strategic maneuvers are characterized by a deep understanding of market dynamics and an ability to anticipate and capitalize on industry trends.

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Problem Solving

In the face of industry challenges, Enzo showcases his problem-solving excellence by devising and executing innovative solutions that drive organizational success.

His analytical prowess and proactive measures have turned potential hurdles into stepping stones for business advancement and operational efficiency.

02 Education

Bachelor's Degree in Economics (2019 - 2023)

Through his studies at ESEG, Enzo gained a robust understanding of economic theories and financial practices.

His active participation in the Finance Club reflects his passion for connecting theoretical knowledge with practical financial strategies, enriching his skill set for business management and economic analysis.

CS50, Computer Programming (2020 - 2021)

Enzo's completion of Harvard's CS50 course has provided him with an essential overview of computer science and programming concepts.

This knowledge enhances his technical sales expertise within the software development industry, allowing him to bridge the gap between technical teams and clients effectively.

Exchange Program Participant

Enzo's participation in the CISS exchange program involved immersing himself in the Canadian educational system and culture.

Living with a host family and attending a local high school, he honed his skills in intercultural communication and adaptability, which are invaluable in leading diverse teams in a global business context.

Finance Management, Business Administration and Management, General (2020)

The Finance Management and Business Administration program at Faculdade Sebrae saw Enzo excel, evidenced by his outstanding grade.

His education here has been pivotal in developing his ability to analyze and optimize financial activities, thereby ensuring robust financial outcomes for business operations.

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03 Experience

Bluelight Consulting

Head of Sales

(Jan 2023 - Present)

Enzo is pioneering growth in strategic partnerships at Bluelight Consulting, focusing on expanding the company’s reach in the remote work solutions sector. His leadership and expertise in B2B sales are crucial to the company's success in an evolving marketplace.

FullStack Labs

Account Executive

(Jan 2022 - Dec 2022)

Leading a team of top performers, Enzo orchestrated a significant increase in client meetings, directly contributing to a 300% growth. He successfully integrated strategic sales methods, resulting in the acquisition of key clients and enhancing the company’s client base.

FullStack Labs

Sales Development Team Lead

(Jan 2021 - Dec 2021)

As a team lead, Enzo managed and mentored a group of SDRs, successfully booking 350 client meetings and securing 20 new clients. His strategic oversight was vital in FullStack Labs' market penetration and expansion.

FullStack Labs

Sales Development Representative

(Jan 2020 - Dec 2020)

Starting as an SDR, Enzo demonstrated exceptional skills in lead generation and client engagement, setting the stage for his later promotion to team lead. His proactive approach laid the groundwork for the robust lead generation system he would later help develop.


Sales Development Representative

(Sep 2020 - Feb 2021)

At InEvent, Enzo sharpened his sales acumen, focusing on lead development and outreach to enhance the company’s event management service portfolio.

Toyota Motor Corporation

Account Executive

(Dec 2019 - Sep 2020)

In this role, Enzo utilized his strategic planning and negotiation skills to strengthen Toyota's client relationships and drive sales objectives, reinforcing the brand's position in the automotive sector.

Prédiré Paris

Sales and Marketing Representative

(Feb 2019 - Sep 2019)

He was instrumental in developing marketing strategies and sales initiatives, which significantly contributed to Prédiré Paris's market engagement and brand presence in the United States.

Install Brick Paver

Account Executive

(Dec 2017 - Feb 2019)

Enzo applied his account management and sales strategy skills to grow the client base and enhance customer satisfaction, which led to increased business referrals and sustained revenue growth in the home improvement domain.

CSR Sports

Jr. Finance Analyst

(Oct 2016 - Nov 2017)

His role involved meticulous financial document management and the optimization of sales costs. Enzo's creation of technical financial spreadsheets facilitated improved business decisions and financial efficiency.

04 Extra Curriculars

Driven by a fervent passion for remote working and an unwavering commitment to living his dream, Enzo Solér penned a transformative ebook destined to change lives and empower individuals to achieve their dreams. "Trabalho Sem Fronteiras" (Work Without Borders) is more than just a book; it's a manifesto for the modern professional yearning for liberation from the confines of traditional office spaces. In its pages lies a treasure trove of wisdom, charting the course for a life where work and personal fulfillment seamlessly intertwine.

With riveting storytelling, Enzo navigates through the digital revolution that has erased the once clear-cut boundaries of workspaces. He captures the essence of digital nomadism, a contemporary response to a world thirsting for flexibility and freedom. This ebook is a beacon for those seeking to carve out a career untethered to a single location, offering a detailed roadmap to harnessing the vast possibilities of remote work.

Enzo's insightful guidance beckons readers to embark on a journey that transcends geography. It speaks to the heart of adventurers and professionals alike, who dream of crafting a life rich with experiences without sacrificing their career aspirations. "Work Without Borders" is more than a guide—it's an inspirational narrative that encourages everyone to break free, live passionately, and work with purpose, wherever they may be.

Trabalho Sem Fronteiras

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05 Skills

06 Interests

I thrive on the freedom that remote work affords, seamlessly blending my professional responsibilities with my passion for exploring new cultures and environments.

Each destination sparks creativity, providing fresh perspectives that enrich both my personal and professional life.

Traveling isn't just a way to see the world—it's a way to bring more innovation and enthusiasm into every project I tackle.

Heartbeat pulsing to the rhythm of "Timão", my bond with Corinthians is etched into my soul. Living in São Paulo, the stadium was my second home, with no match missed, come rain or shine.

My loyalty now takes me beyond home turf, following them to every corner of the country.

Our chant, "Corinthians is my life, my history, my love," resonates deeper than mere words—it's an anthem that unites us, a shared heartbeat that defines a lifetime.

Music has always been a central part of my life. I have dedicated years to studying and mastering multiple instruments, each adding a new layer to my musical journey.

With two years of violin, seven years of cello, five years on the piano, and over fifteen years of guitar playing, my passion for music is ever-expanding.

These instruments are not just tools, but voices through which I express my creativity and connect with audiences and fellow musicians alike.